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Light for the Journey 

Here are some short videos that give you a taste of our online conference, Light for the Journey, March 23 - 25, 2021. From testimonies and worship to tips for online group leader training.  

Special Interest Talks - 12 minutes

Rina Robinson, Malaysia, shares her extensive knowledge of discipling the Diaspora and explains how this can help you.

Rick Weymouth explains how online learning can be done to reach younger audiences. 

Online Best Practice 

Maria shows a creative, blended approach to Group Leader Training. 

Binaya explains how to use Canvas for TEE self-study and exams

Sustainable Funding Track 

Rajendra from Tearfund talks about Sustainable Fundraising

Tanka Subedi shares some helpful tips for local income generation

Transformative Learning Track 

Wailes explains how Application is vital to bring Transformation to learners, not just information.

Iljo gives the Biblical Foundations for Transformative Learning


From the TEE Korea Boston Centre 

Philippine Military Academy Christian Fellowship


Amazing Grace, How sweet the sound

Medley: Above all and In Christ Alone 

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