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Light for the Journey 

At our online conference in April we showed many videos. The videos on this page were used in the different tracks.
Sustainable Funding, Transformative Learning and Focus on Partnerships.  


Sustainable Funding

Rajendra from Tearfund talks about Sustainable Fundraising.

Tanka explains why it's necessary to have al ong term plan when it comes to fundraising. 

Tanka gives helpful tips to raise funds locally. 

Tobias from Coworkers gives insight into what is needed to work with partners overseas. 

Rina sums up the things that were covered in the Sustainable Funding Track. 

Transformative Learning 

Wailes explains how Application is vital to bring Transformation to learners, not just information.

Iljo gives the biblical foundations for transformative TEE. 

How can me make application practical and more widespread? Tamara gives ideas. 

Ingredients for Good Partnership 

Increase leaders, equippers and partners share what they see as essential in good partnerships.  

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