Increase and SEAN

SEAN International (Study by Extension for All Nations) is the largest provider of TEE courses worldwide. The TEE courses Abundant Life, Abundant Light and the integrated two-year ministry training series called The Life of Christ, are the courses our members use the most. These (and many others) are produced by SEAN.  


SEAN began life in South America fifty years ago. The courses quickly proved their worth, and their use spread rapidly. At present SEAN materials are used in more than one hundred countries and have been translated into over eighty languages. SEAN is one of many course providers, but it is the most influential one.


Increase works closely with SEAN as the majority of Increase Core Members use some of the SEAN curriculum.


Increase and ICETE

ICETE is the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education. ICETE strengthens evangelical theological education, building relationships between theological schools, the church and other organisations. ICETE serves and coordinates a network of regional accreditation agencies. One of these accreditation agencies is the Asia Theological Association. ICETE also is invested in educational training and equipping global theological educators.

Increase is a voice for church-based theological education within ICETE. At each of the last three ICETE conferences (in 2012, 2015 and 2018) Increase led workshops showing how TEE fits in with ICETE’s goals for theological education. The relationships that developed over time have resulted in the books that will be published in the ICETE series on Global Theological Education with Langham Publishing (see below). Increase became an Associate Member of ICETE in March 2021. Increase also contributes to the ICETE Academy.
The ICETE Academy offers high quality educational training for theologians to improve their teaching. Increase has created four courses, and one of these is an introduction to TEE.

This course provides important insights into the revival of Theological Education by Extension.  It is written for leaders in theological schools looking for alternative delivery patterns. This course is an excellent introduction to TEE and why it works.

Increase and ATA

The Asia Theological Association (ATA) is a body of theological institutions, committed to evangelical faith and scholarship in Asia. One of the services the ATA provides to its members is the accreditation of educational programs. A number of Increase members have their TEE curriculum accredited by the ATA.

Increase is has worked closely with the ATA to help them provide a ‘TEE-relevant’ approach to accreditation, alongside its service to campus-based institutions. TEE institutions don’t work in the same way as campus-based institutions, so that, while there are some factors relevant to both - and indeed to any training or equipping institution (like good governance and leadership) there are other things which are particular to TEE institutions that need special attention. So over the last seven or eight years, Increase members have been working with the ATA and reworking the language and the specifics of accreditation evaluation for TEE. 

Most recently, two Increase Equippers have been closely involved with the revision of the ATA Accreditation Manual in line with the ICETE Standards and Guidelines for Global Evangelical Theological Education. This is exciting because the ICETE Standards underline the importance of all-round training - head, heart, hands and relationships. There’s a clear statement that just ‘knowing facts’ is not sufficient. And they also emphasize connection with context, and connection with those being served, especially the churches. These have always been important for the ATA, but the revision gives them greater emphasis. 

Increase and Langham Publishing

Langham Publishing provides Majority World pastors, scholars and seminary libraries with books and electronic resources. They also encourage Majority World scholars to write books from and for their own contexts.

Langham is partnering with ICETE to create the ICETE Series on Global Theological Education. One of the books in this series is TEE in Asia, first published by Increase in 2018, and now published in this important series.

And due to the positive response to TEE in Asia, a new book, TEE for the 21st Century, is currently in the making! The authors are drawn from within the membership of the Increase network as well as others with experience from other parts of the globe. This book is for senior church and mission leaders and leaders in theological education. It’s aim is to glorify God by showing how TEE can contribute to the task of equipping the whole people of God for the mission entrusted to the church by the Lord. We plan to have the book ready for release at the global ICETE conference in 2021.

It is the first academic level multi-author book with a multi-disciplinary approach that focuses solely on TEE. Increase is passionate about TEE as a church-based theological education tool for the 21st century, and we see this book as a timely opportunity to promote TEE more widely and encourage best practice among TEE ministries in Asia and beyond. 

Increase and World Evangelical Alliance


Increase has been invited to join the Global Theology Department of the World Evangelical Alliance, in order to represent TEE programmes worldwide.


We look forward to the many opportunities that this will offer to introduce TEE, and encourage effective and fruitful use!

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