TEE in Asia

The church in Asia is growing with unprecedented speed, raising new challenges in the realm of effective, contextualized discipleship. Can this growing church nurture biblical training that is relevant to the contexts, communities, and livelihoods of its believers?


In this immensely relevant book, the Increase Association shares its practical wisdom on how to utilize Theological Education by Extension as “Tools to Equip and Empower” all believers for kingdom work. TEE in Asia provides a foundational understanding of TEE’s history, theological underpinnings, and methodology, while casting a vision for the expanding role of TEE in the twenty-first century. 


Filled with testimonies from church communities throughout Asia, this book provides concrete examples of TEE’s effectiveness in a wide variety of contexts. It invites the reader to partner with God’s work through prayer and action.

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Upcoming Publication: TEE for the 21st century

An exciting book due for publication in August, 2021 in the Langham/ ICETE Global Library series.

From the Preface by Michael Ortiz, International Director of ICETE, the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education:


“TEE for the 21st Century highlights a tried theological education model to consider that distinctly addresses church demands. The editors have brought together the most experienced in TEE, along with select global theological education leaders, to offer a robust and timely collection. This book is divided into three major sections beginning with an introduction which properly sets the scene for the work. In the next section, a multidisciplinary approach outlines the theological, historical, and educational foundations for TEE so as to further extend its credible basis, no matter what the educational setting. Within this second section, various authors also tell of their creative approaches through which TEE has been utilized for unusual contexts, such as the persecuted church and diaspora communities, with proven and notable results. The final section offers TEE reflections from leaders in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and key global communities involved in theological education. These writers additionally encourage the reader to meaningfully reflect upon the vast possibilities for theological education while remaining centred on the mission of the church.”