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Increase Course Writer Training

The Course Writer Training is a series of online modules which are different from typical online courses. They guide you through a production process. of writing a course, whether this is TEE or another method. 

Course writing is not an individual effort. The writer works together with others. We provide an experienced writing coach to help our members throughout the process. If you're not an Increase member you can still connect  with our online facilitators. 


  • All modules are free. You can JOIN each course separately. We advise you to go through the modules in order. 

  • Module 1 is designed for decision makers and potential writers. It will help you make an informed decision before committing to the training. 

  • Each module offers concrete tasks to carry out at your own pace. These tasks shape your course and can be carried out in a way you feel comfortable with

  • Non-writers can still benefit from the educational aspects of the training. Be aware that the design of the training is aimed towards production. 

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