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Annual Report


The Increase Association Annual Report 2023 includes:

  • a foreword by Increase Chair David Burke

  • details of the Increase Committee, Executive Team, Core Members, Fellowship Members, Individual Members and Friends of Increase

  • reports on each area of Increase work: building a network of good relationships; encouraging collaborative projects and partnerships; initiating and catalysing innovative approaches; sharing fruitful practice; communicating news and stories from members; providing support, resources, advice and training; contributing globally to theological education and adult learning; and connecting with church-based training associations and accrediting associations

  • details of income and expenses

  • an afterword by Increase General Secretary Graham Aylett


Further back


The Increase Annual Report for 2022 includes a foreword by Chair David Burke, reports on each area of Increase work, details of income and expenses and an afterword by General Secretary Graham Aylett.


The Increase Annual Report for 2021 includes a foreword by Chair Anneta Vysotskaya and sections on: leadership and organisation; meeting our goals; finances; and looking ahead.


For Increase the 'valley of weeping' (Ps 84:6-7) became a place of refreshing springs and going from strength to strength. God directed members to use innovative approaches and online activities to continue to strengthen TEE.


2019 was a year of strengthening relationships and partnerships and collaboration inside and outside Increase - with SEAN International, Langham, ICETE, ATA and other Christian organisations.



More TEE in diaspora churches. Group Leader Training developed to help those churches. Progress in new courses. Growing recognition of Increase and TEE among theological education institutions.

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