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“The Great Commission is too big for anyone to accomplish alone and too important not to try to do together.” 


Missio Nexus

The Increase Association

The Increase Association is a network of church-based training organizations. We work across Asia and beyond. Increase connects these organizations so they can benefit from each other’s expertise and resources. The main focus for church based training is through TEE: Tools to Equip and Empower churches and leaders. Increase also supports its membership with wider networks and expertise. Our Equippers, with a wide range of expertise, play an important part in this. Increase connects with Christian educators for mutual sharing of resources, good practice and innovation.

Our Vision

To see churches equipping all Christ’s followers in their contexts so that many millions are discipled and empowered for mission, ministry, and leadership.


We very much believe in the value of church-based training for all believers. Theological training is not limited to pastors and church leaders but is for all believers. Training is most helpful when it is church-based because this fosters sustainable and locally relevant training practices. One of the main ways we see church-based training that works for the global church is TEE: Theological Education by Extension. Read more here

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Our Work

We are a network that connects church based training organizations across Asia with each other and also with the world of theological education. We work in the following ways:

Build a network of good relationships

Encourage collaborative projects and partnerships

Initiate and catalyze innovative approaches

Identify and share fruitful practice

Provide support, resources, advice and training

Make a global contribution to theological education and adult learning

Connect with other church-based training associations and accrediting associations

Communicate widely the news and stories from Increase members.

“The Increase network is strategic in ensuring continual development and a high level of excellence in TEE and other grass-roots training programmes.”
Perry Shaw,
Former Professor of Christian Education, Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, Lebanon

Image by Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum

(Virtual) Consultancy for members

The Increase Association serves its members in the TEE world and beyond. Over 20 Equippers with a wide range of expertise are the ‘hands and feet’ on the ground to fulfil our purpose. They connect and strengthen Increase members by visiting, advising, encouraging, and giving training.

In the current situation travel is limited, but we still serve our members. Increase Equippers offer Virtual Consultations to give advice in relation to: 

  •  Establishing National TEE Teams

  •  Group Leader’s Training

  •  TEE among Diaspora Groups and Migrants

  •  Financial Sustainability

  •  Curriculum Development

  •  Using and Sharing SEAN Courses

  •  Governance

  •  TEE and Integral Mission

  •  Running Courses Online and Program Management

  •  Coaching and Mentoring

  •  Strategic Publications

  •  Partnering with formal and non-formal set-ups for TEE

  •  Building Cross-Cultural Teams

  •  Course Writing and Course Development

  •  e-learning and m-learning

We would be happy to give you more details about this. Contact Rosana Longgat, Equippers


Image by Dimitri Houtteman

Core Values

We are guided by these core values:

  • Sharing – through relationships and networking

  • Inclusive – of all people, cultures, and denominations

  • Servant-hearted – in leadership and with each other

  • Learning and changing – together and from each other

  • Relevant – to local cultures and contexts

  • Biblical – in how we work and act

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