What is TEE?

TEE is a training approach for whole-life and life-long discipleship. TEE equips disciples, including leaders, in the context of their daily lives.


We like to describe TEE as Tools to Equip and Empower.



We can say that TEE is:

Tools for local churches

to equip and empower all their members

to grow in Christ and serve him actively.

Local, church-based learning groups combine these three elements:

Personal study | Group meeting | Practical application


Who is TEE for?

TEE is for all believers, men and women, from every walk of life. From new believers to leaders and influencers in church and society. God wants all his people to grow as his disciples, not just the 1% who become church leaders or theological educators or missionaries. TEE offers a way to do this.

Churches across Asia, and in fact around the world, use TEE effectively to disciple new believers and also to equip church leaders for their role.

How does TEE work?

TEE works best when local churches use it as the core of their intentional discipleship. The structured combination of three elements

Personal Study

Group meeting

Practical application

link together in a learning cycle. Repeated week by week, the learning cycle becomes a habit integrated in people’s lives. In this way people grow in discipleship and faith. A TEE course typically lasts around three months.

How can TEE benefit my church?

Many pastors report how they have seen their church grow and change after using TEE. Here are just two examples: Senior Pastor Chung Hyun Goo, Young Dong Church in Seoul, South Korea: “There are things to which a senior pastor must go, or things which a senior pastor must do. However, those who were trained by TEE are doing many of the things which a senior pastor used to do. They are building a church where they work and I am very proud of them." Pastor Heru, GKJTU Church, in Java, Indonesia: We see TEE as an effective method of discipleship. TEE not only teaches but also transforms the participants and in turn leads to growth. When individual lives are transformed, the congregation is also transformed. In TEE, all members participate
and do practical homework. They do not just gain head knowledge but experience faith
in action when they apply Jesus’s teachings."

Which TEE materials are available?

There are hundreds of TEE courses available in different languages. You can search the database to see what courses are available in your language or the language of your church or mission agency.

Many of our members use the tried and tested courses from SEAN International. Among the most widely used are foundation level courses Abundant Life and Abundant Light for new believers. A series of six courses called The Life of Christ is used successfully by many of our members to train pastors and ministers for their leadership in the church.

Increase is committed to writing new courses for the 21st century context in Asia. These new courses address specific needs in local contexts in Asia and are written by our members. Responding to Persecution and Ministry to Teens are a few examples. Come Follow Me is a course specifically for believers from a Muslim background.

How can I use these materials?

TEE materials need to be used in a church with a group of believers. They do not work well if people just fill in the personal study in the workbooks on their own. If you want to start using TEE courses in your church you can find our member organisation in your country. If no organisation is listed, please contact us and we will help you further!