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Diaspora TEE

'Diaspora' describes people who move to another country in search of work, education, or refuge. Among them are many Asian Christians scattered within and beyond Asia. TEE enables these diaspora Asians to create discipleship groups in their own heart languages.

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The UN reports that right now there are 272 million migrants worldwide, a number that has been growing rapidly over the past ten years. This is a great opportunity for the church to reach people who may not hear the good news otherwise.


One of them is Batjargal, a Mongolian believer in Europe. He says:  “I live and study in Salzburg (Austria). I was not a Christian believer in Mongolia, but in Austria I met a Mongolian pastor and I heard about Jesus. I received Jesus as my Saviour. Then I studied Abundant Life in my own language! I found out more about Jesus, about being born again, about faith, obedience and forgiveness from sin. It was a real blessing and I grew in faith. I learnt a lot of Bible verses. Using the verses I memorized, I shared the Good News with friends at school, and two of them have now come to church."

Serving together in Diaspora

Seminar from 2022 Increase Conference
'Equipping the Saints: Serving Together in Asia & Beyond'
28th November - 2nd December / Seremban, Malaysia 

Diaspora training tool

Do you want to know more about starting a Diaspora TEE group in your church? Download the diaspora booklet Discipling the Nations. It is filled with numerous helpful tips, stories, examples training material and more.

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