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Equipping Leaders

In Asia many churches are using TEE to equip their leaders. TEE is an excellent way to equip people in the church they serve. Seminaries are often far away, expensive and not always relevant for the concerns of the local context.
TEE, on the other hand, is locally available, affordable and immediately applicable in the church where people serve.

Rev Somjai from Thailand explains how this works in his church:

I clearly see that those who never dared to speak are now bold enough to speak and express themselves. Those who never thought they could help teach are now able to stand up and teach the Bible. Those who never thought they would stand before the congregation are now able to help me preach. Our church never had a ministry team, but now we have several teams serving side by side with me.


The Life of Christ is a compendium of pastoral theology, based on the life of Christ from the Gospel of Matthew (150 lessons in 6 books). This SEAN course is a two-to-three-year integrated programme to prepare Christian workers and leaders. The course is available in many Asian languages and is used by the majority of Increase members.

In Chinese Churches in diaspora The Life of Christ is used to great effect. Jason and Jane Lee (not their real names) have trained thousands of qualified group leaders for The Life of Christ among Chinese churches in the diaspora. Jason and Jane revised existing versions and translated the remaining Life of Christ books. They opened the materials for Chinese believers in countries outside China.

Pastor Vitaliz is a church leader in the Philippines. Watch this short video to find out how he uses TEE to equip leaders in his church:

Fritz and Harlen are youth leaders in the same church and they explain how TEE helped them in their ministry and personal walk with God:

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