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Increase was formed out of a desire to cooperate in equipping leaders for rapidly growing churches in the non-western world.


'21st Century TEE in Asia: Challenges and Opportunities': the first training conference in Kathmandu, Nepal. It was an exciting time because many participants connected with other TEE practitioners in Asia for the first time! 25 countries represented, 100.000 TEE students reached. 


The Increase Association began working with a new structure. Equippers with relevant church-based training experience give their time to Increase members. Task Groups work together on a definite project for a limited time, to benefit the whole Association.


Increase published TEE in Asia: Empowering Churches, Equipping Disciples. This book shows the impact of TEE and explains how Increase is contributing globally to theological education. The book is being republished in the ICETE Series of Langham Partnerships


Increase’s first conference in London. Organisations that equip pastors and lay people in Africa, Asia, and Latin America came together. We saw the great value of enabling national programs to learn from each other while remaining autonomous.


The Increase Committee decided that Increase should have ‘an Asian focus with a global voice’, and should relate to a range of church-based training groups not just those using TEE programs.


Increase moved from an informal network to a formal Association with an agreed Constitution and a defined membership. This happened at the conference, 'Exploring New Horizons'


Increase held a major Conference, Empowering Churches, Equipping Disciples, in Thailand. The vision for Diaspora TEE was born. The innovative Course Writing Training began.


The executive leadership team is formed. The Diaspora Task Group launched the innovative Diaspora Booklet packed with resources for churches wanting to start Diaspora TEE.

Our Story So Far

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