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The Increase Association is a non-profit organisation that relies on donations. Thank you for donating to the work we do! Donations can be made through the Increase Trust UK, which is a registered charity in Britain. It will pass on your gift to the Increase Association.

1. The easiest way to donate is through PayPal.

or PayPal QR Code

QR code.png

Please inform us of your donation on so we can send you a receipt.

2. You can also send the money to the bank account below.

Account Name: Increase Trust UK


Account Number: 00024426


Sort Code: 40-52-40

Account Treasurer: Tiow Thang Ng


Bank: CAF Bank Ltd.

Address: 25 Kings Hill Avenue, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent, ME19 4JQ, UK.








(Intermediary Bank if requested)

Intermediary Bank: HSBC, City Corporate Banking Centre, 60 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4N 4TR, UK.



IBAN: GB48MIDL40053072138549.


Account Name: CAF Bank Ltd

Account Number: 72138549

Sort Code: 40-05-30

Sender to receiver information: Increase Trust UK 00024426


Please inform us of your donation on so we can send you a receipt.

3. For UK Taxpayers only.

The Increase Trust UK is a registered charity eligible for Gift Aid.




You can also use your normal Stewardship account and find Increase Trust UK.

Stewardship account number 20218757.

IBAN: GB48MIDL40053072138549

If you require a Gift Aid form please contact:

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