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Light for the Journey 

At our online conference in April we showed many videos. From testimonies and worship to tips for online group leader training. You will find the videos on this page. 

Special Interest (12 min) Talks

Rina Robinson, Malaysia, shares her extensive knowledge of discipling the Diaspora and explains how this can help you.

Rick Weymouth explains how people learn on mobile devices and what this means for TEE on smartphones.

The diaspora Task Group brings you up to speed with the latest developments. 

The new Increase book, TEE for the 21st Century, has been written this year!

David Ball and Rick Weymouth discuss the future of group discussion in a digital age. 

Freda explains why making course objectives that go beyond knowledge is so important

Nicholas invites your team to join the Course Writers Training 

Rick Weymouth explains how online learning can be done to reach younger audiences. 

David Ball and Rick Weymouth talk about how to keep TEE connected to the local church.

Rick Weymouth: the future of TEE is online

Anneta shares her experience how TEE can be used very effectively in persecution.

Freda talks about the framework Increase uses in the Course Writers Training

Freda gives practical tips to write good questions for a TEE course

Siebe shares what he has learnt in his ten years as TEE area coordinator in Bangladesh

Rachel explains why mentoring and coaching our group leaders is so important 

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