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National & Transnational TEE Programs working together

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

National Programs

Some members of Increase are National Programs. They focus on serving churches in one country.

Transnational Programs

Some members of Increase are Transnational Programs. Their focus is serving churches speaking a particular language wherever they are the world, and not on serving churches in one country.

National Programs serving their people in diaspora

Other programs are National Programs, but they also serve people speaking the language, or languages of their nation in diaspora.

How can they best work together?

What happens when a transnational program, or a national program serving its people in diaspora, have TEE groups in a country that is being served by a national program? There may be challenges and opportunities. How can Increase members best work together in these situations?

A draft document - Attitudes and Actions for Fruitful Partnership

Click to see a draft document, Attitudes and Actions for Fruitful Partnership. This document comes from a working group involving people from national and transnational TEE organisations, national programs serving their people in diaspora, SEAN International and the Increase Association. The group met three times, in May, June and July 2021.

Please tell us what you think of this draft document.

We want to build a shared understanding among Increase members about what makes for good partnerships. You can share here or send an email to:

Please send any comments by August 30th.

Thank you!

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