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Creating new TEE courses

Mature believers in Asia today know better than anyone the problems and challenges facing the church in their countries. But TEE courses on most current issues do not yet exist.

Christians today need to be equipped for the challenges of today. This why Increase is committed to support Asian course writers as they write new TEE courses for their context.

We have developed the Course Writers Training. This is not just a workshop or a handbook. It is a set of online materials that give course writers what they need, when they need it, as they create a course from start to finish.

This process is not completed individually, it is a collaboration between at least two writers, their coach, their programme director and Increase.

The starting point for each new course is the Guiding Statement:

The materials in the Course Writers Training comes in a series of online packages. Each package includes a workbook with exercises, background material, and guidance to the writers and their coaches. These packages provide each writing team with just-in-time learning as they go through the process.

Because we want to help the writers create a course that brings transformation and that shines the light of the Bible on a specific situation, we start by analysing the situation. That is the issue or area that the course wants to address. Writers go through the following steps:

It is only after describing the current situation and the changed situation that writers can create a course that really addresses the issues.

And by analysing the behaviour, thought patterns, attitudes, feelings, and relationships of students before and after they take the course, the course can teach them the skills they need in their specific situation.

We encourage writers to set learning objectives in four domains of learning: Knowing, Being, Doing and Relating to others. This way real transformation can take place.

The Course Writers Training helps people create courses that are meaningful to believers in Asia today.

Perhaps you could be such a course writer?

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