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Book Launch!

TEE for the 21st Century has been published recently! TEE for the 21st Century is a multi-disciplinary exploration of TEE and it aims to further the conversation between TEE and the wider world of Theological Education.

To celebrate the publication after many months of hard work by the editors and other contributors, we've hosted a book launch! It was an energetic and joyous event.

You can watch the full event here:

David Burke, the main editor for the book, walks you through the book (almost literally). He compares the book to a house where every room has something unique to offer both residents and guests:

In the book, the editors have brought together some of the most experienced practitioners in TEE, along with leaders in global theological education.

Representatives from both groups joined the book launch too. Perry Shaw wrote two contributions on TEE and quality of education. In this section he explains more:

Several Christian leaders also explain why they believe TEE for the 21st Century is helpful for church leaders and theological educators. We heard from Theresa Lua (ATA), Thomas Schirrmacher (WEA), Diane Marshall (SIM International) and Michael Ortiz (ICETE):

The book is published by Langham and Luke Lewis explains why Langham is glad to publish this book and why you should read it:

You can order the book here: It is also available on Amazon, Book Depository and other major booksellers.

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