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Training Group Leaders

In three sessions on Training Group Leaders at the 2022 Increase Conference we covered:

  1. An introduction to and overview of different models and innovative ideas to make in-person group leader training more interactive and effective.

  2. Online group leader training - methodology, good practice and challenges of online group leader training, with case studies and ideas to improve the way we do group leader training online.

  3. Training the trainers, the strategic importance of training people who can lead group leader training effectively, what kind of person could be a good trainer, different models, and so on.

What was especially interesting / important / exciting

Trusting God when a key person suddenly couldn’t be with us (we missed her capable and wise spirit) - but God really helped us!

The way we improvised and had a panel of experts, when we suddenly found we had more time than expected.

None of us were experts in handling technological tools yet God provided us with experts.

Our experts showed us how knowledge of technology can go a long way in training disciples.

Horizon Education Network can be a great resource for providing training for conducting effective group leader training.

The way to move forward in Theological Education by Extension (TEE) discipleship is through online learning, teaching and training.

What participants found especially relevant and important

In session 1 the participants really enjoyed the four different stations where they got involved interactively in very creative ways.

In session 2 the input of some of the experts was very helpful, especially the people from Horizon Education Network and Rick Weymouth from Increase. Participants had many questions to ask, and the panel was able to provide solutions and suggestions.

In Session 3 it was helpful and challenging to hear about preparation of so many teams of trainers in one country.

Possible next steps

Gathering group leader training materials from different TEE programmes, especially ones that show creative and innovative ways in which group leader training is being done, both in person and online.

Learning effective methods of group leader training from people who are training facilitators, both face-to-face and online.

Training diaspora believers to use online methods of learning and training.

Training teams of trainers who will enable the growth of TEE in different countries.

Click here to go to the 2022 Conference page where there are links to Training Group Leaders resources.

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