Online and Blended Learning

video conference 5162927 640 Due to COVID-19, many countries have spent or are spending months of   2020 in lockdown.This is forcing Increase members to think about online   learning in order to overcome the issues at hand. It is also hinting at the   possibilities to reach a new generation with TEE. To reach younger   generations, now and in the future, we need to think about using online   media and the smartphone.


This crisis forces us to think things through   and to come up with solutions. Many TEE teams were alreadythinking   about online learning, but for many it was a thing that ‘needs to be dealt   with sometime in the future’, but that future for most is now a reality!  Online TEE is no longer a theoretical issue, but a really practical one.

We want to encourage you to use the current excitement and steep learning curve to think about the future and to figure out a strategy that works for your specific context. This will most likely not be a fully online system, but rather a blend of online and face-to-face learning. When we use the term blended learning, we talk about a system where parts of the TEE course happen online, and parts happen ‘in real life’. What parts are best done online, and what parts face-to-face, depends entirely on the local context.

On this resource page we want to give you some ideas and issues to consider that may be helpful for your team. Follow the links in green to sources from within Increase, and below these you can learn more about available tools. 

Read: TEE methodology and online learning: some considerations 

Read: Problems students may face 

A survey: Feedback from Malaysia 

Case Study: Nepal 

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Available Tools 

In the links below you will find several tutorials on Zoom, which has sprung up in this pandemic. However there are perhaps other tools you might consider, like Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. 

 Microsoft TEAMS and Google MEET (formerly Hangouts Meet) are superior products to Zoom, especially with their respective integration with Office 365 (Microsoft) and G-Suite (Google). However, Zoom may be easiest for guests to connect to for one-off meetings and short-term use. For regular, long-term team or class meetings, TEAMS and MEET appear to offer more

LOOM is a screen and video capture tool. It is NOT a tool for video conferencing! Simple, easy to use, with good presentation features. Simple cloud-based editing functions. It offers free, unlimited cloud storage, but videos also downloadable and share-able.



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