Individual Members

Membership of the Increase Association is open to all those involved in church-based training movements in Asia and beyond who accept the Statement of Faith given in the Increase Constitution.

Individual Members

Individuals who have particular expertise in church-based training and related disciplines, which they use in support of Core Members and similar organisations. Individual members are expected to make an annual membership contribution. See Membership Contributions

Prospective members in all categories submit a membership application for consideration by the Increase Committee.

Click here for an application for Individual Membership


Individual Members as of February 2017

Graham Aylett, Increase Association, Executive Team Member 

David Burke, Christ College, Sydney,  Ministry & Practice Lecturer

Freda Carey, Open Theological Seminary, Pakistan, Consultant

Graham Chipps

Robert Ferris, Senior Associate, Global Associates for Transformational Education (GATE)

Volker Glissmann, Malawi TEE, Director

Tim Green, Increase Association, General Secretary

Patricia Harrison

Richard Hart

Zafar Ismail, Mar Thoma School of Mission, Pakistan, Director

Nicholas Ivins

Regina Manley, MAF Edutech, Orality Consultant

serving the chinese diaspora

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