Vision and Purpose

The vision of Increase is to see

churches equipping all Christ’s followers in their contexts,
so that many millions are discipled and empowered for mission, ministry and leadership.


The purpose of Increase is to connect and strengthen church-based training movements across Asia and beyond.


It does this in the following ways:


build a network of good relationships
encourage collaborative projects and partnerships
initiate and catalyze innovative approaches
identify and share fruitful practice
provide support, resources, advice and training
make a global contribution to theological education and adult learning
connect with other church-based training associations and accrediting associations
communicate widely the news and stories from Increase members.


The work of Increase is guided by the following core values:


Sharing – through relationships and networking
Inclusive – of all people, cultures and denominations
Servant-hearted – in leadership and with each other
Learning and changing – together and from each other
Relevant – to local cultures and contexts
Biblical – in how we work and act


discipling the diaspora in australia and nz

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