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The Increase Equippers continued their training and consultancy visits. Task Groups worked on issues raised by the growing numbers of people on the move in Diaspora, and the planning and implementation of a course to train a new generation of Course Writers.

For a more detailed account of progress during 2017, click here.

The major Increase Association event was the Conference, Empowering Churches, Equipping Disciples, held in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

For the Conference Report, click here.

Increase began to implement a new structure based around different teams. To see this structure, click here. One of these teams is the Increase Equippers, individuals with relevant church-based training experience in one context who are willing to give time each year to serving other Increase Association members. Another group of teams are the Task Groups, working together on a definite project for a limited time, for the benefit of the whole Association. The Increase Equippers and the Task Group members met in 2016 for the Conference, Moving Forward Together.

To see a short Conference Report, click here.

Increase moved from an informal network to a formally-constituted Association with an agreed Constitution and a defined membership, at an important conference, 'Exploring New Horizons'.

For a short report, click here. For the full conference proceedings, click here.

This year saw the launch of Increase’s hub in Asia, in order to serve church-based training in the whole of Asia.  Also the Increase Trust UK was registered in Britain to support the work.

Increase contributed toward a workshop on Translation and Contextualisation for the new TEE teams in Central Asia, and also in Seoul ran a consultation on TEE Curriculum. The Increase committee also worked on a plan for the future, deciding that Increase should have ‘an Asian focus with a global voice’, and should relate to church-based training groups not just national TEE programs.  Read more in the Increase Network News June 2013.

An innovative project was launched with SEAN and MAF Learning Technologies to put a TEE course on smartphones.

For more on 2013’s activities, see the 2013 annual review

During this year Increase-related personnel helped run a major training conference in Central Asia, with the formation of three new national teams and the strengthening of two existing teams.  Others developed initiatives in Japan and Indonesia, and training in India for TEE group leaders.

Read more about this and other developments in the 2012 annual report.

Starting the previous year and finishing in 2011, twelve experienced TEE leaders had worked together from across Asia as a peer-learning cohort.  They were trained by reflecting on their own experience in their own contexts, comparing this with other people’s contexts and gaining input in adult learning principles.  This strengthened and extended their own work and also created a pool of practitioner-consultants able to help national TEE programs across the region.

'21st Century TEE in Asia: Challenges and Opportunities' a training conference in Kathmandu, Nepal. This exciting event involved seventy-five people, including around sixty leaders representing TEE programmes working in over twenty-five Asian countries. At that time, these programmes were reaching an estimated 100,000 TEE students! There was focussed training in programme management, facilitator training and course and curriculum contextualization - three key aspects of running a national TEE programme. The conference generated great excitement, as most participants connected with other TEE practitioners across Asia for the very first time! The conference statement was produced in a participative way by asking each person the question, 

'What excites you about TEE?'

How would you reply to that question?

Kathmandu 2010 Conference Statement
Kathmandu 2010 Press Release
Kathmandu 2010 Dr Thomas Schirrmacher's address
Kathmandu 2010 Videos

Increase's London conference brought together organisations which equip pastors and lay people in Africa, Asia and Latin America.  Some of these were typical TEE organizations, while others focused more on electronic delivery systems.  The conference demonstrated the great value of enabling national programmes, which were previously quite isolated, to learn from each other while still maintaining their locally-rooted accountability in their own countries.

Increase was formed in 2006 as an association with representatives from several groups engaged in equipping for ministry in the non-western world.   These representatives came together with a common desire to cooperate in equipping leaders for rapidly growing churches in the non-western world, training them in the context of their daily life and ministry rather than in residential colleges.   

nepali diaspora in india

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