The Increase Committee

The Increase Association is led and governed by an International committee that meets monthly through Skype. Five members were elected at the Empowering Churches, Equipping Disciples conference in November 2017 and the remaining two were co-opted.


- Dr. Anneta Vysotskaya is Chair of the Increase Committee. Anneta is the International Director of ORTA, which provides Russian language TEE materials to Russian speakers worldwide. She is a member of the Religious Liberty Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance. She was Chair of the planning group for the major Increase Conference in 2010. Anneta travels regularly in Central Asia assisting the indigenous TEE groups, introducing TEE to church leaders and running training workshops. She is also a Christian journalist and writer.


- Dr Qaiser Julius has over seventeen years of experience with the Open Theological Seminary in Pakistan, first as a translator, editor and head of the Course Development Department and then as Director for the last twelve years. He has a PhD from the Melbourne School of Theology, in Australia, and is living in Lahore, Pakistan. He is Coordinator of the Langham Preaching Program in Pakistan, and a member of the Asia Theological Association’s Commission for Accreditation and Educational Development.


- Rev Dr Lynette Pearson is Australian-born Chinese and has been a partner with the mission agency Interserve since 1998. She has a passion for wholistic discipleship and helped start up a TEE programme in Central Asia. She is on the Interserve International Leadership team with a particular focus on South Pacific and Southeast Asia and is especially involved in supporting TEE in these regions.


- Mr Jiries Habash is the Director of the Program for Theological Education by Extension (PTEE) which provides evangelical theological education throughout the Arab world. He was one of the founders of the PTEE, and served as Chair from 1981 until 2013, when he became the Executive Director. He is an architect by profession and lives in Jordan.


- Mr Tanka Subedi is Director of the Institute for Theological Education by Extension in Nepal, ITEEN, and has been very actively involved in relief work following the recent earthquake. He is also active in working for religious liberty in Nepal.


- Rev. Dr. Tim Green, an Interserve partner since 1988, served with the TEE programs in Pakistan in Pakistan and Jordan. He works as Increase Executive Director and a trustee of SEAN International. He has written two SEAN course and other courses using audio-visual media. He presently lives in South East Asia.


- Rev. Dr. Graham Aylett, an Interserve partner since 1998, served with TEE in Mongolia and continues to advise national TEE movements in Asia. He now serves alongside Tim Green in the Increase office. He writes:


“I am excited about Increase because I see the tremendous potential for sharing and learning from each other. There are great resources, rich experience, and God’s extraordinary people involved in church-based training all across Asia. Increase has a role in connecting and strengthening these indigenous programs so that they can serve churches all across Asia and beyond more effectively, and that’s immensely strategic and exciting!”

 Increase Committee Nov 2017

Increase Committee Nov 2017

Standing (left to right): Graham Aylett, Tanka Subedi, Qaiser Julius, Tim Green.

Seated (left to right): Lyn Pearson, Anneta Vysotskaya, Jiries Habash.

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