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The Increase Association, also known as "Increase", connects and strengthens TEE and other church-based training movements across Asia and beyond. Its members work in partnership to achieve more together for God's kingdom than each could achieve alone.  Increase also interacts with Christian educators beyond its own membership for mutual sharing of resources, good practice and innovation.


Anneta Vysotskaya

The Increase Committee Chair writes

I am excited about Increase because it is God's plan. Since Increase started we could clearly feel His support, guidance and His helping hand in this work. I am also excited because Increase provides great opportunities for fellowship with like-minded servants of God in different nations, to learn from them and to see your own ministry as part of a bigger picture.

Anneta Vysotskaya, Increase Assocation Chair



What international Christian leaders say about Increase


The Increase network is strategic in ensuring continual development and a high level of excellence in TEE and other grass-roots training programmes.

Perry Shaw,

Professor of Christian Education, Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, Lebanon



The ICETE Manifesto on the Renewal of Evangelical Theological Education has clearly emphasized its belief and support for multi-level approaches to leadership training for God’s Kingdom. I am delighted to see that Increase is contributing creatively and effectively towards this task.

Riad Kassis,

International Director, International Council for Evangelical Theological Education, (ICETE)



TEE programmes co-ordinated by experienced, culturally sensitive and theologically-aware trainers provide a substantial answer to this problem of grass-roots training of believers, in their context, for their context.

Lindsay Brown,

International Director of the Lausanne Movement



The WEA sees TEE training as an integral part of the evangelical world... I urge you to see TEE as a much-needed answer for theological training under persecution.

Thomas Schirrmacher,

Chairman, World Evangelical Alliance Theological Commission


The Great Commission is too big for anyone to accomplish alone and
too important not to try to do together.
” - Missio Nexus


challenges in the middle east

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